Monday, January 27, 2014

Singing like Whitney Houston!

heyyyyy everybody!!!!
So this week was the usual craziness. it snowed big time and i have had it confirmed to me yet again that i am a california girl through and through. i do not like the snow. why do i go to school in Idaho? hahaha just kidding.... kinda. so we had a special meeting when a general authority came to speak to us on friday and my two companions signed us all up for a musical number. so yes.... not only did i have to sing in front of the entire mission but a general authority. to my surprise it went really well. i was so nervous i was going to barf. then i said a prayer and asked to be confident. i was sooo stinking nervous still. then they called our names and it was showtime. i was shaking as i stood up out of my seat to walk to the front. i was thinking "oh geeez... this oughtta be good i cant even keep myself still enough to walk, let alone sing!" then with every step i took i got calmer and more confident! by the time i got to the front of the chapel i felt like stinking whitney houston! hahaha prayer works people! it was so much fun and i loved it. i dont think i will be singing in front of 300 people any time really soon but maybe in the future. it was an amazing meeting! Elder S. Gifford Nielson came and spoke to the whole mission! then after he spoke to the whole mission we had a special leadership training by him. i am learning amazing things out here. so yesterday was a crazy day at church. we had 3 investigators and 4 less-actives there. i was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everyone someone to sit by and such. so then it was time for the meeting to start and i got to sit dow. as the sacrament started to be passed out i looked around and realized that there were more people in church than ever. it was awesome! i looked around at all of these people taking the sacrament. some of them for the first time and some of them for the first time in years. they were all remembering our Savior and what He did for all of us. at that moment all of my stress and worries went away and I realized just how amazing this is. I get to help people change their lives and come closer to Jesus Christ. that is my full time job right now! I love seeing these miracles. so i was at a family's house last night. i have been working closely with them the whole time i have been here and we are finally seeing changes and they are happier. i feel so connected to them like they are part of the reason i am on my mission right now. i am going to hate leaving this area when i do. but i can look at all of the people that i have come to love sooo much and feel good about my time spent in MArtinsburg West Vriginia. i love being a missionary! MAKE GOOD CHOICES!

Sister Swisher

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